Mark Whitlam

Drummer, Composer & Educator

Mark Whitlam - Drummer, Composer & Educator

I'm proud to endorse with the following companies, who make exceptional instruments and products:






I'm delighted to be a UK Artist for Sakae Drums and adore the old school tone of the Trilogy series. Many thanks to David, Ryan and  at SVM, Eizo and Noriko at Sakae HQ.  




I've been blown away by the smoky old school Turkish vibe of the Masters series rides.  I also use Traditionals and Formula 602 crashes in various setups.  Many thanks to Christian in Switzerland and Martin in the UK for inviting me into the family

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Many thanks to Dean and Mandy at Team PR for their support.  I use the AAA cases which are bomb-proof - love them! 



The Sontronics DM-1B large diaphragm condenser sounds huge on the bass drum with a very uncoloured tone.  Thanks to Lisa and Trevor for sorting me out with this gem!


Studio - Remote recording facility

I have a well kitted-out small studio at home with Sakae Trilogy drums (and some great older vintage pieces), a large selection of old and new cymbals and Roland electronics.  I have carefully chosen my mic selection, which includes in addition to the Sontronics DM-1B, a pair of Beesneez Lulu FET overheads, Heil PR-30 and the trusty old Shure SM-57.  These go through some great pre-amps including two CAPI VP28s and an Apollo Quad with Unison Neve 88RS and 1073 pre-amp plugins, all running to Logic Pro X and/or Ableton Live, depending on use.

Sessions have covered a wide variety of genres for individual artists, from rock tracks through to big band drum parts and I regularly record work for corporate clients, such as Faber Music publishers, BIMM and Bassline Publications.  

As part of the agreed fee, I will offer a number of revisions of the work (alternate takes applying your feedback) and either email individual stems as .WAV files, and/or produce a stereo drum mix, using a variety of high-end VST plugins from Universal Audio, Klanghelm and Waves.

Please use the Contact button above to get in touch and discuss this with me - I'd be delighted to play your music.

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